The Benefit of Networking

“For an author, everyone they meet is a buyer… People who like them will buy the book to support them, people who hate you will buy the book to criticise it.” Liam O’Dell, 2014

Yes, I am hoping that I get quoted on that.

But anyway, at my school today was a Law Careers Fair. For an aspiring crime writer this was great as of course it meant I could do one great thing – networking.

So today, I thought I would talk about how great networking is!

If you think about it, it is a never-ending chain, and it’s great! One person you meet has contacts, they have contacts… At each stage, there is always something useful to explore!

For me, it’s about getting experience at the moment. Some of my networking has got me work experience or freelance jobs, and they’re great for job applications! So for me, it’s great!

What do you think about networking? Do you benefit from it? Comment below!



6 thoughts on “The Benefit of Networking

  1. Your quote is very true. The problem is the large proportion of people who are indifferent. They are the ones to target.

    I believe Networking is very important. I also believe I need to work my way up from very bad to just bad before I have any hope of getting better at it!


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