Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth


This is one of those books which I stayed up late to finish. Unfortunately, I stayed up so I could finish it and get on to other books, as sadly, this book did not grip me at all.

I think with this series it had an interesting premise, with a loose psychological background. However, I feel that the way in which it was written wasn’t very enticing for me as a reader…

But don’t get me wrong, this book answered a couple of unanswered questions from the last two books. It was near the end though that I started to become intrigued, but I don’t think it was out of curiosity.

There’s also the fact that this book deals with dual narrative (one chapter Tris, the next is Four and so on). But I really struggled with this concept. After becoming used to Tris’ narrative from the last two books, I was hoping this would continue. But, in this book, I found the dual narrative confusing. I was often reading Four’s narrative and it took me a couple of hints to realise I was reading from his perspective. I think it was only at the end that I finally got used to it – which is a shame.

Overall, I’d say that it was one of those series where I had to read on because I had read the others, but other than that there was nothing else “gripping” about it. The other disappointment is that the story was great, but it wasn’t enough to intrigue me – a real shame.

Have you read Allegiant? Let me know what you thought (NO SPOILERS) in the comments below!



4 thoughts on “Review: Allegiant by Veronica Roth

  1. I felt the EXACT same way. The first two books I really liked; however, this last one didn’t hold my attention well. I didn’t like the switch between perspectives, and Four sounded far too much like Trish!


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