Bug Bears: TV

-Sorry if you managed to see the previous, unfinished version on Tuesday!

So I’m hoping for this to be a new series on this blog. I’ve heard many different opinions about ranting/moaning on blogs, but if this blog is about my thoughts, then why not?

Therefore, today I shall be talking about TV, and what annoys me…

1. A Clash or Absence of Programmes

I am currently going through this at the moment. Some great dramas finished recently, and now I’m waiting for some point in July where a drama I’ve been looking for all year returns.

2. Subtitles

Now this is a whole new kettle of fish. Sometimes they cannot keep up with the actor’s lines so I miss what is said, and similarly, some actors mumble so I have to turn the subtitles on – only for the subtitles to distract me from what is going on at the time! Gah!

3. Incorrectly-Timed Ad Breaks

OK, so sometimes, for dramatic tension, it is intriguing to go to the adverts just after a shocking revelation is made. But then, you get those dramas that have their own pre-made advert fade-outs so that televisors can put their adverts there.

Instead, adverts are placed well – right after a shocking revelation – but then, you get that annoying fading out half- way through the second half of the program. Why couldn’t they put it there!

OK, rant over. Did you enjoy this post? Let me know as I may consider making more in the future!



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