Blog Awards: The Versatile Blogger Award

My good blogger friend Chelsea from Loving Life in Wellies has been kind enough to nominate me for The Versatile Blogger Award. So, without further ado…

7 Things About Me

After doing these for previous awards, I am struggling to think of more things to say for this section! But, without making it look like I’ve cheated this section… Here’s a fact:

– I like tea, with coffee being a drink I’ll only have if tea isn’t available.

However, what I am able to do is nominate 10 (15’s a stretch!) bloggers for this award next! This list contains a mix of new bloggers I’ve found as well as some good blogger friends! So, the nominees are…

1. A Sunday Tea
2. New Creations Ministries
3. Richard Leonard
4. Eagle-Eyed Editor
5. The University Project
6. To Breathe is To Write
7. A Booky Place
8. Jasmin Charlotte
9. Cherry Soda
10. Not Wed or Dead

Thanks again to Chelsea from Loving Life in Wellies and congratulations to all those nominated!



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