Thoughts on Blogging Privacy | #lbloggers

This is a tad late, but on Wednesday I once again hosted the #lbloggers chat on Twitter! The theme was “blogging privacy” so I thought I would answer my own questions once more!

Q1. How private are you when blogging about lifestyle?

Obviously some things I keep private. I’d say I’m cautious…

Q2. How often do you blog about your daily life?

I try to every day! Sometimes I do write about my hobbies though.

Q3. Do your friends and family know about your blog, or is it private?

Yep! I kind of talk to them about it a lot… Whoops!

How much do you publicise your blog? Do you use social media or wait for someone to stumble upon it?

Occasionally I do get the odd person who stumbles across it for some reason, but my main focus is social media.

Q4. Do you ever mention other people you know in posts? If so, do you make them anonymous?

Oddly, I seem to only talk about myself! Whoops! But I make sure not to mention names, unless they’re OK with it.

Q5. How do you separate your personal identity from your blogging identity?

In a way, I kind of don’t. But I suppose by keeping some things private, that separates the two identities…

So those were my answers, but feel free to answer them yourself! Leave your answers below if you’re a lifestyle blogger or you missed the chat! Let’s keep the discussion going!


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