Thoughts on Genealogy

It was after watching See Hear yesterday that I got inspired once more to pursue my family history. So today, I thought I’d talk about my thoughts on family history…

Personally, I think the resources required to make progress back in time is difficult, and obviously as you go back, there is room for inaccuracies…

But personally, I find the whole process of family history very rewarding. At first you can assume that nothing is left behind by past generations, but there is always something and that can be very special indeed…

Obviously I’ve got some family history rumours to pursue myself, which should be fun! What are your thoughts on family history? Do you have any famous relatives?



6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Genealogy

  1. The success in researching is keep going, the first four years of my research was a slow process and many mistakes
    were made but now close to 20 years later I have discovered a very rich and full history.
    many people give up researching within the first year, life is important and genealogy research takes up so much of your time. It all depends on what you want to achieve.
    The more people you add, the more connections you make and the more likely that historical figures will start showing an appearance.


  2. I love trying to figure out my family’s past. I think a lot of that stems from me being American and I just want to know where my family came from before we lived here! It’s just fun for me to see where my roots are.


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