Thoughts on The World Cup

Those who know me pretty well will know that I hate most sports. I hate how competitive it can get, and because of that, I only like rowing, gym and badminton as sports. So, when it comes to football, not only do I not like it because of the above reason, but also because I’ve generally lost interest.

But, as I said in a tweet yesterday:

“World Cup starts tonight… This is when I actually watch football – out of patriotism, rather than interest. #WorldCup2014”

However, when people do ask the question of what team I support, I often sneakily weave my way out of judgement by saying I support England.

It’s then when I start watching football. So, out of sheer curiosity, I watched Brazil vs. Croatia, and I actually found it interesting. Yep, I found it interesting.

But it doesn’t stop there. Throughout the match, I had internal commentary on the teams. I’d mentally comment on each team’s defence and attack. I was actually shouting at the TV when a goal opportunity arose. So basically, I may be starting to enjoy football, which is something I don’t normally do… Help me.

But nonetheless, I shall watch the England vs. Italy match on Saturday, but at the same time hope that this doesn’t become a hobby…


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