Writing Progress: Finally Done Chapter One!

OK, so it’s been a while since I explained where I was with my writing (my previous update can be viewed here). Well, yesterday, I finished my first chapter! Now I have 29 to go!

Overall I hope to reach the magic 100,000 words. So, after a few calculations, I realised that I need to write 3,333 words per chapter to reach my goal. However, near the end of the chapter, I did feel as though I was adding superfluous words…

However, 100,000 words is my maximum, and I will probably settle for 80k or 90k at the end. So if I have to edit the first chapter, then it should be fine.

So, after a few days writing the first chapter. Here are the stats!

Current Word Count: 3,426
Completion: 1/30



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