A Belated Response to #bookadayuk

OK, so throughout the month of June, the people at The Borough Press (with other publishers chipping in) decided to create the #bookaday hashtag on Twitter – which later became #bookadayuk. This was when they asked for your favourite book, a book that’s blue etc. and you responded for that day!

I started for the first few days, before I got sidetracked! Therefore, this is going to be a bulk catchup!

June 1: Favourite book from childhood I loved The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton.

June 2: Best bargain 50p for a good condition copy of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Now I can finally get around to reading it!


June 3: One with a blue cover The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer. Great book.


June 4: Least favourite book by favourite author Not a favourite author, but loved Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart. Sadly, I did not like the other two.

June 5: Doesn’t belong to me I buy and own all my books – so can’t answer this!

June 6: The one I always give as a gift Is it bad that I don’t give books as gifts?

June 7: Forgot I owned itCan’t think of one for this!

June 8: Have more than one copy Somewhere, I have another copy of The Sacrifice by Charlie Higson. After I lost my first copy, I bought another one.


June 9: Film or TV tie-in Stardust by Neil Gaiman – my favourite film. Also, I, Robot is a great movie, of which the book I have yet to read…


June 10: Reminds me of someone I love Can’t think of one for this!

June 11: Secondhand bookshop gem I don’t have any… Whoops!

June 12: I pretend to have read it Can’t think of one for this…

June 13: Makes me laugh The Skulduggery Pleasant series is great at this!


June 14: An old favourite All my favourites are current books, so not too sure for this.

June 15: Favourite fictional father Not sure!

June 16: Can’t believe more people haven’t read The Millenium Trilogy!


June 17: Future classic I’m going to say The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida.


June 18: Bought on a recommendation I heard Gone Girl is a good book…


June 19: Still can’t stop talking about it You guessed it, The Millennium Trilogy!

June 20: Favourite cover I love the designs on the new editions of John Green’s books – in particular, An Abundance of Katherines.


June 21: Summer read It’s taking me a while to get round to reading this, but it’s likely that Veronica Roth’s Allegiant (part of the Divergent trilogy) will be my summer read…

June 22: Out of print I don’t think I have any books that are out of print…

June 23: Made to read at school So many… Brighton Rock, Of Mice and Men, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and A Clockwork Orange.


June 24: Hooked me in to reading I guess Before I Go to Sleep by SJ Watson?

June 25: Never finished it I still need to get back to finishing The Complete Sherlock Holmes


June 26: Should have sold more copies Not really sure for this one…

June 27: Want to be one of the characters Who wouldn’t want to have the processing power of Sherlock Holmes?

June 28: Bought at my fave independent bookshop I can remember one. Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. Signed too, but I’ve not got round to reading it yet…

June 29: The one I have re-read most often Is it bad that I don’t re-read books?

June 30: Would save if my house burnt down Ah! I very nearly could not answer this question! It’s probably going to have to be The Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson.

What are your answers to these questions? Comment below!



Weekly Update: Focus Points

In my opinion, this week went by rather quickly! But nonetheless, this week was good! As the title suggests, things were completed, but now I know what I need to focus on…

For example, this week I can definitely say that my AS ICT is now complete! Therefore, my new focus point is to now focus on A2 ICT which will happen after the summer holidays.

As well as that, events that are happening over the next two weeks have become key focus points as well. I have band performances next week, and then my drum exam the week after!

But of course, with focus points, it means that some things in my life have had to slow down. Therefore, my reading and writing progress has been rather slow…

That was my week! How was yours? Do you have any focus points at the moment? Mention them in the comments below!

Have a good week!


Bug Bears: TV

-Sorry if you managed to see the previous, unfinished version on Tuesday!

So I’m hoping for this to be a new series on this blog. I’ve heard many different opinions about ranting/moaning on blogs, but if this blog is about my thoughts, then why not?

Therefore, today I shall be talking about TV, and what annoys me…

1. A Clash or Absence of Programmes

I am currently going through this at the moment. Some great dramas finished recently, and now I’m waiting for some point in July where a drama I’ve been looking for all year returns.

2. Subtitles

Now this is a whole new kettle of fish. Sometimes they cannot keep up with the actor’s lines so I miss what is said, and similarly, some actors mumble so I have to turn the subtitles on – only for the subtitles to distract me from what is going on at the time! Gah!

3. Incorrectly-Timed Ad Breaks

OK, so sometimes, for dramatic tension, it is intriguing to go to the adverts just after a shocking revelation is made. But then, you get those dramas that have their own pre-made advert fade-outs so that televisors can put their adverts there.

Instead, adverts are placed well – right after a shocking revelation – but then, you get that annoying fading out half- way through the second half of the program. Why couldn’t they put it there!

OK, rant over. Did you enjoy this post? Let me know as I may consider making more in the future!


Blog Awards: The Versatile Blogger Award

My good blogger friend Chelsea from Loving Life in Wellies has been kind enough to nominate me for The Versatile Blogger Award. So, without further ado…

7 Things About Me

After doing these for previous awards, I am struggling to think of more things to say for this section! But, without making it look like I’ve cheated this section… Here’s a fact:

– I like tea, with coffee being a drink I’ll only have if tea isn’t available.

However, what I am able to do is nominate 10 (15’s a stretch!) bloggers for this award next! This list contains a mix of new bloggers I’ve found as well as some good blogger friends! So, the nominees are…

1. A Sunday Tea
2. New Creations Ministries
3. Richard Leonard
4. Eagle-Eyed Editor
5. The University Project
6. To Breathe is To Write
7. A Booky Place
8. Jasmin Charlotte
9. Cherry Soda
10. Not Wed or Dead

Thanks again to Chelsea from Loving Life in Wellies and congratulations to all those nominated!


A Posting Update

So after having a period of blogger’s block, I’ve come to realise that my stretch of posting every day may be to much. Therefore, I have reduced my posting to the following days:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

In terms of themes…

Monday: Should be a music post.
Wednesday: A response to the Weekly Writing Challenge.
Friday: Anything, really…
Sunday: A Weekly Update

Hopefully this should be alright with you guys too, as it means you can read more of my posts and don’t have to worry about missing anything!


Weekly Update: Busy Week!

(Sorry it’s late!)

So this week saw me get a lot of stuff done. Firstly, I have a lot of musical performances coming soon and this week saw one of my first! That was exciting!

In other news, book progress is slow due to other things. I have once again given up (damnit) but each time I grow stronger.

I am also starting work again on my university choices. Journalism and English Language can both be so confusing!

As for A-Levels, now all my subjects are merging into A2 – so more work to do!

Lastly, in some drumming news, my Grade 7 exam is coming up soon. So wish me luck!


Thoughts on the Catching Fire Movie

OK, so my attention wasn’t fully on the film itself. Once again, the movie is true to the book. Sadly, this means that I share my same views on the second film as I do on the second book – basically a developed copy of the first book.

In other news, Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s acting is great in this movie so it is a shame that his death was announced recently.

However, I loved the Mockingjay book, so if it is as true to the book as the others, then I guess I will thoroughly enjoy the two films.