Red Herrings – Clichés and Tips

*Sorry this is posted late!*

So recently I have been watching a lot of dramas with many plot twists and red herrings, and so I was thinking… What clichés are there in the world of red herrings? What tips could be learnt from TV shows?

1. The protagonist/”good guy”/investigator is responsible.

2. The character with the most amount of air-time is responsible – it’s too obvious!

3. A character that we don’t even know…

Personally, those are a few that would annoy me when it comes to clichés. If you have anymore, comment below!


One tip I’ve always learnt is that all the evidence must be placed in front of the reader. It is then the writer’s job to convince the reader to discount or ignore that information. That way, the reader isn’t too annoyed when the revelation is made as the information has already been laid before them…

Do you have any tips? What’s your worst red herring? Comment below!



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