Weekly Update: Productivity and Completion

So this week I had two exams – Communication and Culture, and Use of Maths: Algebra. I was a bit worried about the Comms exam but it went really well! Regarding the Use of Maths exam, I think that went OK too!

My book’s going great! I’m taking a few slow steps, but its good progress nonetheless. So that’s good as well!

My drumming and driving are both going well too. Overall then, everything’s progressing or getting sorted – which is good!

How was your week? Comment below!

Have a good week!



6 thoughts on “Weekly Update: Productivity and Completion

  1. You’re a blogger and you’re concerned about communicating to different cultures???!!! Just kidding, Liam. I’m glad your exams went well.

    This week on this side of the puddle, we’ve been gearing up for Memorial Day. For us, it’s the start of summer, although it could do with some warming up around here!


    • Thank you! Haha! It’s actually all about how we communicate our culture, values, power and identity – along with media representation. Very interesting!

      We’ve had a bit of good and bad weather recently, but it’s currently sunny! I’ll send it your way! Haha! 😀


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