The Preview Review: Live Life Living

So I thought I would do a different musical feature on this blog. Aside from finding new tunes – which is the purpose of Musical Discovery – I will now be reviewing soon-to-be-released albums on iTunes based on their song previews.

This time round it’s Example’s latest album, Live Life Living. Already from previous tracks such as Kids Again and All The Wrong Places, it suggests that this album will be full of catchy electronic melodies and a variety of different dance music. Well let’s see!

1. Next Year

The melody on this song is fuzzy almost to the point where the song has more of a rock feel than an electronic feel. The drum beat also mimics this fast, rocky idea suggested by the opening track.

2. Kids Again

This song has already been released, but it is clear that this is one of the strong party songs on the track, with the chorus having a chant-like melody which runs through verses as well. The vocals of Example in this track also adds to the vibrant feel of the song.

3. One More Day (Stay With Me)

One More Day (Stay With Me) has an almost piano-like melody in the chorus, whilst having a typical 90’s synth feel in the verses. The major chords in the chorus add to the vibrant feel of this track.

4. 10 Million People

The piano melodies continue in the fourth track from the album. The off-beat and complex drum beat also adds to the dance feel of the track. The vocals of Elliot (Example) also add emotion to the track which gives the track a unique feel.

5. Only Human

Only Human has a large rise before an almost grunge-like beat drop with a fuzzy synth feel. Then, the almost trumpet effect with the accompanying synth adds a clever contrast to the grunge chorus.

6. Seen You

Despite the repetition of certain words in the preview, it adds to the light-hearted feel. The track also sees an introduction of Gleave’s rapping talents which creates a good balance of rap and singing within the album. When it comes to the chorus in this track, it appears to be more faster and groovy with bass undertones. Definitely a track different to the party tracks on the album.

7. Can’t Face the World Alone

This song has a catchy tempo accompanied with a great synth melody and groovy drum beat. Furthermore, Example’s vocals fit perfectly with the melody created for this song.

8. Live Life Living

In the song which shares its name with the album, the melody has a “croaky” effect on the beat drop which adds originality to the track. The vocals and drum beat also adds to the feel that this is a powerful song from the album.

9. All the Wrong Places

Like Kids Again, this was already released as a single. Nonetheless, the chorus to this song adds a grunge feel which is guaranteed to become a rave/dance track. Again, Example’s vocals match the feel of the song which adds to the success of the song as a dance anthem.

10. Take Me as I Am

The synth effect on this track creates a chorus feel to the song. Then, when it comes to the actual melody, the melody has an almost dub-step vibe to it. The vocals which accompany instrumentals copies the emotion that the instruments create, as well as the meaning of the song itself.

11. At Night

Already the song appears to have a more laid-back feel in the verses, which is a nice contrast to the majority of hardcore dance songs on the album. Also, the song has a simplistic and minimalistic time before going into a grunge melody, which is an interesting balance as well.

12. Longest Goodbye

The drum beat itself creates more of a drum and bass feel more than a dance feel. In my opinion, this is more laid-back, and is a good end to a party album.

So judging by the previews there will be a few songs that I’ll be looking in to – there’s a few good tunes on this album in my opinion!



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