Review: Ghost Stories by Coldplay


It is clear that the album sees the band explore a more acoustic style, as well as different genres. There is a borderline electronic feel to their track, A Sky Full of Stars, which was produced with Avicii.

Aside from this, vibrancy and a relaxed tone is consistent throughout the album. Songs such as O (which features a relaxing piano melody alongside Martin’s vocals), Another’s Arms (which I deem as having a style similar to their single Princess of China), Midnight (with its harmonic vocals), and Oceans (which has a style which mimics the song’s title) all have the same calm feel that is likely to be a regular style throughout the album.

But Coldplay also does well to maintain powerful songs that are common in previous albums (such as Paradise and Viva La Vida), with Ink, Always in My Head (with its orchestral feel), True Love and Magic all creating a vibrant feel that contrasts the calm and laid-back feel that other songs from the album create.

Overall, the album contains songs that capture the essence of different feels, emotions and musical genres. Despite some disapproving Coldplay’s exploration of new genres, I think the band has done well to strengthen their unique style and broaden their horizons with this album.



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