The Bookshop Advantage

So I’ve been looking at some more books to buy – even when I have enough to read already. Firstly, my natural thought is to go to Amazon. But only a few of the books on the site have the useful “Look Inside” feature, which was a shame for the book I want to buy.

The books in particular are the two books by Jonas Jonasson. They both seem similar to Cloud Atlas on the grounds that they show a person’s influence on history. However, it’s one of those books where I’ll have to read the first few pages before making a decision. This is where book shops come in!

I’m a huge fan of Waterstones. The great thing about a bookshop like them is that they have every type of book (not just fiction, but non-fiction and notebooks!), and they allow for this type of selling where a potential buyer can actually look at the product. If anything, online commerce doesn’t have this.

So, when I get an opportunity, I’ll be off to Waterstones to buy more books – even when I have enough to read already…



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