The Balance of Education

Throughout school, the path of education has been rather streamlined… GCSE’s, A-Levels, University/College (with Apprenticeships or jobs appearing at any stage).

For those new (hello!), I am currently at the A-Level stage, and the stage after that I’m still not 100% sure of.

However, there is this nice benefit I’ve noticed as I progress. The qualifications become more in depth, but fewer.

So over time I will become focussed on one subject that may become the one part of my job. At the moment, I’m hoping that’s journalism.

As much as some people may not like it, time does have set limits. But how we fill the space between them, is up to us.

But for me, it’s just easy for me when education follows this process of elimination as I progress through schools and university.



2 thoughts on “The Balance of Education

  1. Hi Liam, exciting times for you 🙂 Just a touch of advice, as a working journalist, it is a great industry if you are sure to keep your options open. I know at school I was given no advice or guidance in this field and it could really have changed how I approached it all so hope this helps you. If you plan to go into journalism, either do a degree first in something like English or a more general communications subject then do an NCTJ journalism qualification after, or skip uni and go straight for the NCTJ. Many uni journalism courses don’t qualify you completely as a journalist and I know several people who have had to pay twice for the full qualification.. It is a great job, but print is dying and fast. I work at a local newspaper and have seen massive changes in the company in my 3-4 years. I would strongly recommend paying special attention to digital and broadcast modules as these appear to be very much the future of journalism “platform neutral” as they call it here. Loads of corporate rubbish, but I plan to make my escape from newspapers very soon because it is a business that you can easily get stuck in and become unable to develop out of it without the right digital skills. I am lucky and have these already and have used them to work on the paper’s website giving me extra experience, but I know others in the office without that ability who struggle to see what they would do if they lost their jobs, which in a company like this, is very likely! Sorry to go on so much and sorry if this sounds depressing – it isn’t meant to be – I just wanted to make sure that you have all the information you need, the information I was not given when I was in your position. If you want to know any more, you know where I am.


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