Thoughts on Learning to Drive

I don’t think I’ve told you all about a couple of things recently. Firstly, that at the end of March it was my 17th birthday, and in due course, I have had driving lessons (3 now, in fact).

So today I thought I would update you all on how that’s going.

Firstly, you’d think that since I’m a drummer, that I’d be able to multitask with different elements of a car. You could say that the levels of hand-eye co-ordination are the same, but at the moment at least, I’m finding it a little bit different to the drums…

Obviously on this occasion I’m in control of something very different. It’s more physical, and different parts of the car need to be used at different times in order to drive correctly and actually get somewhere… But nonetheless, I am getting there, I’m getting the hang of the basics, and my confidence is building… So good progress!

I’ll let you know of my progress as and when it happens!



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Learning to Drive

  1. Being a drummer should definitely help you with co-ordinating the controls of a car. Main thing is to stay relaxed and not overthink it. let your hands and feet do the work and pretty soon it will become automatic. Good luck with your driving lessons!


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