Review: Divergent

For those who don’t know, I shamefully watched the Divergent movie (review here) before the book. As for the movie, I absolutely loved it, and heard that it was very true to the book. So, I bought the book!

As I said, it was true to the book. But unlike the movie which approached each scene with a fast pace, the book in my opinion, was rather slow…

The bit of the film where the action really picked up, happened in the final quarter of the book! However, when it happened, I did turn the page very quickly!

Because of that, as of yesterday, I invested in the next two books in the trilogy.



My Discovery of GoodReads

GoodReads, for me, has always been a social network (can I call it a social network?) I have heard about, but not really paid much attention to. I heard it is an app for book lovers, so why haven’t I got it?

So it was after I heard more and more people talk about it that I decided to get the app on Thursday. Immediately I realised that the app does have its uses…

The Recommendations feature is successful (to some extent) in finding books that I might like, and the Scan feature is really handy.

Now, I have three shelves containing my “read”, “currently reading” and “to-read”. Rather disappointingly, after scanning all my books that I’ve read, I’ve only read just over 100 books! I was hoping more so that number should increase soon!

In relevant news, I’m reading Divergent. What are you reading at the moment, and do you have GoodReads?


Festival Must-Haves | A Guest Post by Charlotte from Makeupey

So it’s been a while since I’ve done a guest blog post, and this time I have a guest post from my friend Charlotte, at the blog Makeupey. Enjoy and be sure to check out her blog!


Hey everyone! I am coming to you today from Makeupey, a blog about beauty and lifestyle stuff!

It was quite difficult thinking of a subject for this post; clearly Liam’s blog and mine are about completely different things. In the end we thought festival must haves would be quite a fun thing to talk about!

Festival season has started, and I have also been to numerous concerts recently: Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry oh my goodness! (yes I am aware concerts and festivals are completely different – but hey, they still have live music in common!).

1. Mobile.
I can’t tell you enough how important it is to have a mobile with you when going to a festival, you never know when you might need to get in contact with someone, plus it’s a great opportunity to show off on social media with pictures and videos!

2. Hand sanitizer.
For me, in some ways this is more important than a mobile! I am a germ freak, hate them, the whole concept of public toilets etc. terrifies me. So I desperately need to take hand sanitizer everywhere, and most definitely if I was going to a festival!

3. Money…
I mean to be honest this is probably assumed, but some people might not think about it that much! Apart from buying all those fun festival snacks and merchandise, you might need some money if you for some reason cannot get home and need a taxi, or you have an emergency: bring enough for any circumstance!!

4. Makeup minis.
Okay I know this is probably specific to girls, but my blog is a makeup blog, so there is no way I cannot mention it… Makeup minis are great because you can still look fabulous with your favourite makeup products, but you are always saving room, and probably money, using the makeup minis. Just look in the travel sections online and in stores for beauty minis!

So that’s some of my festival must haves, not all of them, but some of the most essential ones! Thank you so much for reading, and if you have any time, check out my blog!

TV Developments

Following on from previous posts on the factual accuracy of TV dramas, I’m now seeing more and more TV shows that are adapting to more realistic norms in dramas…

For example, more crime dramas are now paying attention to the importance of DNA. I’ve seen a lot of dramas recently where the person responsible manically rubs his jumper on an item in an attempt to rub off the DNA. In the past, it used to be that this wasn’t an issue, and it was this that often lead to a more simplistic plot.

Have you noticed any improvements to dramas recently that add a sense of realism and improves the plot as a whole? Comment below!


Red Herrings – Clichés and Tips

*Sorry this is posted late!*

So recently I have been watching a lot of dramas with many plot twists and red herrings, and so I was thinking… What clichés are there in the world of red herrings? What tips could be learnt from TV shows?

1. The protagonist/”good guy”/investigator is responsible.

2. The character with the most amount of air-time is responsible – it’s too obvious!

3. A character that we don’t even know…

Personally, those are a few that would annoy me when it comes to clichés. If you have anymore, comment below!


One tip I’ve always learnt is that all the evidence must be placed in front of the reader. It is then the writer’s job to convince the reader to discount or ignore that information. That way, the reader isn’t too annoyed when the revelation is made as the information has already been laid before them…

Do you have any tips? What’s your worst red herring? Comment below!


Writing: The Need to Raise Questions

At the start of a novel, the first sentence should always have a sense of intrigue and raise a couple of questions in the reader’s head. But what I was thinking is, is this any different to the cliffhangers that writers raise at the end of each chapter?

Firstly, the opening sentence should have intrigue, and either see the reader involved in the action, or waiting for it to happen. But for a chapter cliffhanger, usually it resolves the action or leaves room for minor development. It could also hint at action about to happen. Therefore, some of these criteria can apply to both.

So, is an opening sentence and a cliffhanger the same in a book? Comment below!


Weekly Update: Productivity and Completion

So this week I had two exams – Communication and Culture, and Use of Maths: Algebra. I was a bit worried about the Comms exam but it went really well! Regarding the Use of Maths exam, I think that went OK too!

My book’s going great! I’m taking a few slow steps, but its good progress nonetheless. So that’s good as well!

My drumming and driving are both going well too. Overall then, everything’s progressing or getting sorted – which is good!

How was your week? Comment below!

Have a good week!