The Expiration of News

I’ve mentioned in a recent post that I want to become a journalist. Since this definitive idea came into mind, I’ve had a fair bit of experience in writing articles. Obviously, in the world of media, there are deadlines. This is not only because it can’t be postponed forever, but because there is a certain time limit to when the article goes up. So recently, this got me thinking… When does news expire? Is there a set time or date where breaking news becomes “so last year”? Is there even a way to stop it, and create articles that can always be deemed relevant?

Firstly, I always agree that news can expire and become “old”. Our society views news in a way where news breaks, it is acknowledged and life goes on. But since the time taken to read an article could be anything from a second to any time (if read in snippets), there may not be a limit. Articles that cover a regular issue may always be deemed relevant, whilst occasional news will be out if date within a day.

I think that’s way most tabloid newspapers publish each day. It’s because the demand for news, and its expiration, will always be now. From a second to a day, news will always be in demand.

How often do you check the news? Comment below!



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