Writing Progress: A Good Lesson Learned

So my writing progress has been a bit confusing lately, as I’ve given up on a lot of stories. However, this is where I have learnt a lesson.

To prevent confusion, and because I am protective of my ideas, I will name my two ideas Idea A and Idea B.

The recent scenario was that I gave up on Idea A and instead started work on Idea B. But what I’ve now found is that Idea A can combine with Idea B to form a much stronger story as a whole.

Usually I had USB sticks and blank CDs to store my old books, rather than delete them altogether (NEVER do that!). But what I’ve gained proof of, is that you should always keep previous work, as it could always become useful for future works in progress.

Do you agree? Comment below!



8 thoughts on “Writing Progress: A Good Lesson Learned

  1. I I keep everything. I have many note books with ideas and character description. I like to think there all just sitting, waiting go be used.


  2. I totally agree. I’m in a hiatus at the moment, I’ve got a load of 30-75k word things I’ve kept stopping and starting. I have begun to nick certain bits – characters, scenes etc – and combine them into one glorious whole! It is not going so well, but I am keeping at it… Like the blog, btw.


  3. Yes yes yes! Always keep old writing. Even if it’s terrible, you might look back one day and think, “Hey, I can totally steal this one random element and use it in a new story that doesn’t suck”.


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