NaPoWriMo – Thoughts on eReaders

I always like to chat to others about books,
Like what genre of books they like to read.
But when it comes to eReaders,
I’m not really that keen.

Firstly, books are ever-lasting,
They come from trees!
Unlike e-readers, they often run out,
Because they run on batteries!

Then comes the fact that eReaders
Do not carry the old book smell or aroma.
This is not to say that I hate eReaders,
I just criticise them for humour!



7 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Thoughts on eReaders

  1. So true !! I think the charm of reading a book is being able to actually hold it, smell it & turn the pages with your hands but ebooks just hurts my eyes & got no charm :/


  2. I’m actually a fan of both. I use a Kindle that doesn’t have a backlight so that’s not really a problem, but nothing beats the feel of a book. The Kindle makes reading certain books more accessible and, and has opened even bigger network of possibilities in terms of what there is to be discovered. I always thought I would be very anti-e readers but the opposite has proven to be the case.


    • Interesting, and true. Of course there’s the fact that they are cheaper, and you can store more books (no more bookshelves, in other words)!

      Thanks for commenting!


    • Ah! Of course! I think most books have the FSC logo on the back, or a note on the front that says about sustainability.

      Hang on, electricity has its problems too! 😛


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