Musical REdiscovery: ‘After the Fall’ by Kodaline

So this is going to be different to the normal “Musical Discovery” posts. On this occasion, I thought I would talk about a song that was released a while back, and now I have “rediscovered”.

After the Fall, by Kodaline, was released back in 2013. In particular, I found it after it was promoted by iTunes as their “Free Song of the Week”. I then liked the preview, and got the song!

So the song itself combines a fast tempo with relaxed piano melodies and a powerful drum rhythm. The vocal talents of the singer also add to the overall soul of the song.

The reason for my rediscovery is that recently I have used the song as a warm-up for when I have a drum practice. The quick drum fill at the end of every bar in the chorus, along with stylistic development in the verses, mean that I can practice a range of techniques before starting on my grade pieces.

I’ve now realised how great the song is as a whole, as well as for drumming practice. But what do you think? Comment below!



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