NaPoWriMo – Why I’m not a Football Fan

So there has been quite a lot of football news,
In current affairs recently.
But I’m not really a fan of football,
So it doesn’t bother me.

When it comes to learning the rules of football,
I haven’t given it much thought.
In fact I often just answer with “England”,
When I’m asked what team I support.

I do not play football,
As well as watching it on TV.
So overall, I can safely say
That football isn’t for me.



5 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Why I’m not a Football Fan

  1. Well played sir – well played 🙂 – a sentiment I also share which excludes me from a fair few conversations but I make up for it in other areas, just like your good self – great poem!


    • Why thank you! I agree, it is one to end a couple of conversations but oh well!

      I’ve just had a look at your blog (following by the way!) and I like your poems too! 😀

      Thanks for commenting! Be sure to follow or stop by again sometime! I’ll definitely have a look at your future NaPoWriMo contributions! 😀


  2. […] Well, a few months ago, I wrote about my experiences as a deaf person in a series called Deafinitely Challenging. These six posts – created for an assignment in my first year as a journalism student – summed up my main concerns, frustrations and tips as a deaf person. Now, as I think about returning to talk about deafness, I worry that all I’ve wanted to say has been summed up in this series already. Poetry is another thing I’ve considered, but that didn’t work out well last time. […]


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