Forced Writing – A Restriction on Creative Writing?

So today’s post is going to be a mixture of discussion, and a general writing update…

OK, so to no surprise, I have given up on another book. I just found it boring and hard to plot. So as a matter of perseverance (and to slightly punish myself), I am forcing myself to write for at least 30 minutes a day.

But what always deterred me from forced writing is the fact is could make writing a chore – something I’ve always wanted to avoid. So do deadlines or schedules on writing limit creative freedom and fun, or make the writing process a chore?

However, one thought that I realised was that published authors often have to write to editorial deadlines, and they can still create great books. So maybe not?

Do you use deadlines, or write freely? What are your thoughts on forced writing? Either way, comment with your thoughts below!



11 thoughts on “Forced Writing – A Restriction on Creative Writing?

  1. I’m not a fan of forced writing myself. I think it lessons the creative mind. For me, I enjoy it when I feel inspired and the pages write themselves. Currently I’m writing my first novel and I don’t make it a chore or an extra homework assignment. When I want to write, I let myself. To me writing creatively is like entering a whole new world. When I try to force myself to do it, I’m only partially inside the story. Could just be me though!


      • I think this is helpful, or at least editing/reading through your work once a day just so you stay involved and don’t lose what you already have. Sometimes when I take a long break from writing and I try to add more to a chapter, I have to reread the work I’ve already done multiple times


  2. Great question! I do not like to give myself a daily quota. There will always be a day when something comes up and I just can’t do it. Then I feel like a failure. I try to make some time for creativity every day, and I’m pretty good at doing that because it feels essential to who I am. We have to eat, sleep, etc.–I add writing and reading to that list.

    But if someone else gave me a deadline, then no problem! I’m very good at meeting deadlines set by other people.


  3. Hmmm … well, I tend to write the most when there’s other stuff I should really be doing … so if you need more incentive to write, I’d suggest signing yourself up for a whack ton of responsibility, and then avoiding said responsibility by writing instead. Let me know how it goes, lol.


  4. Hard question really, I think it all depends on my mood and what is going on in my life. I generally try to write something every day but that isn’t necessarily my novel, occasionally I will get wrapped up in something else (my blog, my novel etc ) and will forget that my column is due in a weeks time, this leads to a frantic rush to get everything together and meet the deadline. Sometimes though you just need to take a break from whatever piece of writing isn’t working, give yourself some space from the story this may help. Good luck


    • Interesting… I think there needs to be a bit of space, like you said, and a sense of control as to how much you write. If you set yourself a target of writing at least something each day, then it’s not so stressful and there’s no pressure. Thanks for commenting!


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