Thoughts on the Divergent Movie

So as my poem yesterday (click here) was about seeing a film before the book. On this occasion, it was Divergent.

Now I know reading books before films is a shameful, shameful thing to do, but the actual experience of film before book actually helped me to make a decision about reading the book.

Before I go into detail, the film overall was brilliant. It explored a variety of scenes that encapsulate different emotions. I left the cinema wanting to read the book, and a little bit blown away.

There’s always been the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” (I do), but should there also be a warning about “don’t judge a book by its film“?

If anything, when I was watching the adverts and movie trailers beforehand, as well as the actual movie, I couldn’t help but realise how cinematic the movie can be (obviously). But then I realised that books themselves have some cinematic elements to them, which would work great on film.

However, then there comes the fact that a movie offers a concise adaptation of the book, with some things missed out. This could have positive and negative impacts. The plus being that the potential of the book is emphasised in key action scenes, but the negative is that some important sub-plot scenes are missed, therefore I couldn’t possibly make a full judgement.

But nonetheless I will be reading the book. The movie was brilliant and so I shall be reading it. Now I know that I’ve spoiled the story for my imagination and for myself, but I did the same (accidentally) with Stardust and had no problems enjoying the book.



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