Thoughts on More Series of Line of Duty

Another news story I found out about recently was that popular police corruption drama Line of Duty has been commissioned by BBC2 for a third and fourth series…

Regarding the second series, despite it being quite successful in terms of public and media attention, the series itself had so many plot twists that I struggled to understand it.

I think what the third and fourth series should provide is a clear crime and person responsible. For example, the first series showcased a police officer accused, and the AC-12 team searched for evidence. But for the second series, both AC-12 and viewers were scratching their heads until the last few episodes. The culprit wasn’t known until the end. OK for suspense and plot-twists, not so good for making the series comprehensible.

Also, the second series saw less of Neil Morrissey as the corrupt officer that made a good appearance in the first series. Though it appears as though this character has been wrapped up at the end of series two…

Lastly, if there’s one thing they shouldn’t change, is that of the factual accuracy of the show. Throughout both series, from interrogation to arrests, the show has a high degree of accuracy, but maintains the element of creative freedom – something that I find hard to balance as a crime writer myself!

I anticipate the new series…


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