Thoughts on Twitter’s Announced Update

Yesterday saw the news that Twitter would be updating the layout of Twitter profiles. So here’s my thoughts on it!

Now, those that already have the new-look profiles include famous personalities such as musician John Legend, and film stars Channing Tatum and Zac Efron.

Personally, I can agree with those who say that the new update bears resemblance to Facebook. But I think that the visual aspects of Facebook (in particular, the Timeline and News Feed layouts and features) help to make it a popular social networking site.

Also, I think other features that tie in with the new profile such as “pinning” popular tweets can greatly benefit businesses and bloggers such as myself (by pinning popular tweets/posts to our profile) and can help genetic users determine whether an account is worth following.

Also, it actually looks quite vibrant and deals with a lot of blank space that was left with the previous layout. I think it will be quite successful.

New users will already have the new profiles, so do you have it? Either way, what are your thoughts on the new layout? Comment below!


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