Musical Discovery: ‘The Man’ by Aloe Blacc

OK, so I may be a bit late to comment on this song, what with the music video being uploaded to YouTube at the start of March, and the song itself being released at the end of March. But, nonetheless, I’m still going to talk about it!

Now, a lot of people reviewing the song on iTunes, as well as others, have commented on how similar the chorus is to Elton John/Ellie Goulding’s Your Song. However, I don’t particularly like that song (either version) that much, so it doesn’t bother me on those grounds.

Also, songs have similar melodies all the time! Recently, I couldn’t help but notice how similar Imagine Dragons’ song, Demons is to Cover Drive’s Sparks.

If I’m right, Aloe Blacc also credited Elton John when it came to the song itself. But anyway, the song itself!

Like Aloe Blacc’s previous chart successes with I Need a Dollar and the great collaboration with Avicii on Wake Me Up, this single sees more soul from the musician.

Overall, Aloe’s powerful, soulful vocals combined with funky instrumental is what made this track a number one single.



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