Weekly Update: Writing Productivity

So this week was the last week of A-Levels before a two-week break. Now, with some free time on my hands, I can be more productive!

The University trip on Thursday (see here) has definitely helped me to create a shortlist. After doing some more work on Friday, I am now listing each university’s course details, and seeing which look good, and which ones can be eliminated! So good progress on that front!

Regarding A-Levels in general, everything is becoming revision now. All coursework has been done – yes! I have been set homework over the break, but they should be sorted quickly! Woop!

Then lastly, my book is getting there too! I’m now planning my book backwards. Like other books, I am planning to write 30 chapters. I have a couple planned, but I’m getting there!

So this week was great! How was yours? Comment below!


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