Stardust – Thoughts on Film Adaptations

So I’ve finally come round to finishing Stardust by Neil Gaiman (overall, a great book!). On this occasion, I watched the film before the book (I know, I’m sorry!) and absolutely loved it. It’s now become one of my favourite films. So of course, within time, I chose to read the book.

Immediately, I was pleased by how true to the book the film was for the first half of the book. It only got rid of a small amount of chapters – something always good in a film adaptation.

However, there were moments where small details had been changed (fair enough, for some, but others were just pointless changes) and near the end of the book, the film deviated from the film massively.

No spoilers, but the endings are different too! But surprisingly, both endings (film and book) were good endings to the story. So that got me thinking, do massive changes to a book’s finale in the film version make any difference?

For me, Stardust has now become a good book of mine, and still remains my favourite film regardless. What are your thoughts on film adaptations? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Stardust – Thoughts on Film Adaptations

  1. I absolutely love the movie Stardust; however, I didn’t know that it was a book as well…and with different endings. Just another book to add to my list, I guess. Thanks for posting.


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