NaPoWriMo – The Last Day

So today is the last day,
Thanks for sticking around.
Thanks for reading these poems,
As weird as some of them may sound!

It seems as though I struggled to write
The poems after much contemplation.
It seems as though, after 30 days,
I lacked the inspiration!

So this is the end of NaPoWriMo,
For the year twenty-fourteen.
Will I do it again next year though?
I guess I’ll have to wait and see!



The Expiration of News

I’ve mentioned in a recent post that I want to become a journalist. Since this definitive idea came into mind, I’ve had a fair bit of experience in writing articles. Obviously, in the world of media, there are deadlines. This is not only because it can’t be postponed forever, but because there is a certain time limit to when the article goes up. So recently, this got me thinking… When does news expire? Is there a set time or date where breaking news becomes “so last year”? Is there even a way to stop it, and create articles that can always be deemed relevant?

Firstly, I always agree that news can expire and become “old”. Our society views news in a way where news breaks, it is acknowledged and life goes on. But since the time taken to read an article could be anything from a second to any time (if read in snippets), there may not be a limit. Articles that cover a regular issue may always be deemed relevant, whilst occasional news will be out if date within a day.

I think that’s way most tabloid newspapers publish each day. It’s because the demand for news, and its expiration, will always be now. From a second to a day, news will always be in demand.

How often do you check the news? Comment below!


NaPoWriMo – Spontaneity

I am not one for spontaneity,
I am not one to write on the spot.
Sometimes ideas just come to me,
And I make do with what I’ve got.

I can write prose every day,
But poetry all the time is hard.
It is easy to be an everyday writer,
But harder to be an everyday bard.

So therefore I may do occasional poems,
As an alternative to a blog post.
Since I struggled to come up with decent poetry themes,
For this year’s NaPoWriMo!


Musical Discovery: One More Day by Example

OK, so another Musical Discovery post today – sorry! But after hearing this track, I had to review it as it is another great song from Example!

Along with previous releases such as All the Wrong Places and Kids Again, this song definitely adheres to the 90’s electronica suggested through all songs. Judging by the style of these 3 songs, it’s likely that when Example’s latest album, Live Life Living is released, it’s going to be jam-packed full of electronic tunes!

But when it comes to the track itself, the song focusses around a funky piano riff that continues throughout the song. Example’s (real name Elliot Gleave) vocals also create a light-hearted feel that adds to the feel-good tone of the song.

Since I love electronica myself, I’m definitely going to check out the album when it is released!


NaPoWriMo – Being a Drummer

Being a drummer,
Can have its ups and downs.
With pros being awesome solos,
And cons being that it’s loud!

Being a drummer,
Requires good co-ordination.
To be able to do bass drum and hi-hat,
Whilst playing snare and toms.

Being a drummer,
Really is the best.
Although it may be easy to pick up,
It is hard to progress!


Musical Discovery: Come Alive by Chromeo feat. Toro y Moi

So I was just watching TV when the latest Robinsons juice advert was shown. In particular, the song that was played sounded great! Then, after searching on Google, I was able to find this song:

Entitled Come Alive, the song combines funky bass with groovy vocals to create a dance song similar to the style of Capital Cities (whom I’m a fan of!). The chorus itself is catchy and promotes a feel-good mood.

The song also features a funky bass solo which adds to a somewhat vintage dance feel that the song creates.

What do you think of the song? Comment below!


NaPoWriMo – An Acrostic

Thinking of poems everyday
Has been quite hard for a month.
Really thinking hard of things to write
Each as different as the last isn’t

Doing an
Acrostic is a different version to
Yesterday’s poem, and the haiku.
So at least this is different!

Themes have been different each time, this
One being an acrostic, but I’m struggling!

Good there’s only three days as
Overall, this has been a bit challenging!