Harry Potter and My Birthday

So yesterday saw me go to London (well, the outskirts) for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour/The Making of Harry Potter as an early birthday treat. More about that later but TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!

Apologies for the all-capitals, but I’m a little excited. I can’t say much at the moment because I’m only halfway through the day! However, I can say that my birthday cake is awesome as it’s a Sherlock themed cake! Woohoo!

Nonetheless I know the rest of today is going to be awesome… Anyway, about Harry Potter!

So we set off to the Warner Bros. tour with Sub Focus’ album, Torus and Capital Cities’ debut album In a Tidal Wave of Mystery playing to pass the time. We arrived insanely early so we went for a quick car wash before arriving early. Oddly enough in the space it took to get park and eventually get in queue, it wasn’t long before we went in!

In the queue itself, there were little things to look at to pass the time. In particular, this quote by JK Rowling that was displayed seemed to make sense to a budding writer like myself…


And then the tour itself started! I won’t go into too much detail (don’t want to spoil it for all those that want to go), but those who are celebrating their birthday get to open the doors of the Great Hall. I didn’t get to do this – it would have been a bit embarrassing anyway!

Throughout the tour I couldn’t help but marvel at the level of effort that had been put in to make the whole experience as believable and magical as possible. The effort was visible and made me appreciate how important those people on the credits really are.

The great day concluded with a Chinese takeaway. Overall a great end to a great day. Today should be just as awesome!



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