The Freedom of Novel-Writing

I can fairly say that writing a novel is a fairly unique task. Whilst other creative tasks have a set order in terms of creative production, the process of getting an idea, developing it, and writing a book about it, is almost entirely spontaneous.

Throughout the typical writing journey (planning, writing, editing) there are other options at each stage. You can either plan or not plan, write in or out of order, and rewrite or edit. There are no specific stages.

I’ve always liked to-do lists, it’s one of my favourite methods in terms of productivity. However, the only tasks I can put down in the process are:

1. Plan
2. Write
3. Edit

So writing in itself is mostly an individual task, and writers are very much left to their own devices. But it can also be said that this freedom in doing whatever you want so long as you write something, can be the sense of creative freedom that writers need to complete their work.



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