Continuity Errors

I’m watching a lot of dramas on TV at the moment, in particular, a couple of crime dramas (both American and British). However, there is a pattern in the way the dramas are constructed. Usually there are so many episodes that are not needed – as I like to call them, continuity errors.

So what happens is that each episode provides little plot progression, despite the large amount of intensity or action in the episode. For example, in one drama I’m watching, people get suspicious, but they either get killed or just get removed from the story so they don’t lead to plot progression. This thus creates a melodrama…

I have seen dramas like this before, and they eventually become so boring (yet I still find the need to watch) that I can only watch the last 10 minutes and find out the key plot progression that happened in the episode…

Does anyone else watch programmes that follow this pattern? Comment below!



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