An Amazing Weekend | My First NDCS YAB Residential

So I didn’t mention this a while back, but I heard that a charity for deaf young people in the UK, known as NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society) was recruiting for its new YAB (Youth Advisory Board). I’ve wrote blog posts for them before and I soon found out about it!

Being on some youth groups/boards before, I knew that this would be awesome to get involved with – to meet new people, make new friends, and also, in this case, to learn some sign language! (Something I’ve always wanted to learn!)

So it was at the start of the year that I went to an interview, and they liked it! I have since been offered a place, and last weekend saw me go on the first residential of four!

I went on a train on my own to the location of the residential – this time it was Birmingham, which I’ve never been to before (ish – I went there for Cadbury’s World). Upon arrival at Birmingham, I immediately liked the city. As well as that, the Waterstones near the station was huge!! Always a good sign for a massive book-lover!


Not to mention the station looked pretty cool too!


Other buildings had cool architecture too!


So we had a walk up to the venue for the residential, but along the way I couldn’t help at this rather “pointless” (pun intended) road name…


The meetings with the board itself took place in a rather vibrant and colourful centre. It was a great place. For example, these were the clocks that were situated around the building…



As for the meetings themselves, it was great as we learnt all about our deafness, had some interesting discussions about our deafness, and learnt about our role as YAB members.

Then, on Saturday evening, we went bowling! This saw me get a few strikes and spares – always a good feeling!

As for Sunday, we reviewed the first residential. It was this reflective mindset that made me realise how awesome the weekend was! I made some great new friends, and look forward to what the future holds for the YAB!

I’ll keep you posted!


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