Discussions on Writing Advice: Goals, Energy and Perseverance

This week’s Writing Advice comes from Calum from his blog, Calum Falconer. Be sure to check his blog out!

“There is, as Ernest Hemingway wrote, ‘nothing to writing – all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.’ We might laugh, perhaps nervously, at this because sometimes writing can feel exactly like that.

You should of course be putting all the energy you can into whatever you write (well, maybe not your shopping list) and putting down the ideas, the plot or the imagery from your head onto the page can feel like torture.

But the main piece of advice I think I would offer is just to persevere. I try to remind myself that the book I am writing (started, I tentatively admit, four years ago) is a work in progress – the scenes, the characters, don’t have to be perfect as you write them. While you need to maintain sight of the ‘big picture’ I think it also helps to break a writing project into small pieces – give yourself a goal of writing, say 250 words a day.

It might not that sound like that much but in six months’ time you’ll have 45,000 words. If I had told myself that four years ago I could have by now, written an encyclopaedia. But I am the world’s worst (or maybe that should be best?) procrastinator, which I think just comes from a sense of fear that what you write won’t be any good.

Remember that writing is what you love and in the end it will be worth the energy, the sweat and the tears – even the blood.”

If anything, writing always come down to perserverance. As much as those who write for fun try and write outside of a general pattern, writing is a dedicated hobby or task, which demands energy.

Setting small goals adds a perseverance side to the writing as well as a sense of enjoyment when completing these targets.

So what about you? Do you keep a routine or plan to help you achieve your writing goals? Comment below!



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