Thoughts on Computing and Retro Games

As part of my A-Level ICT, we need to design a fanzine/website. To help us with this, yesterday we went to the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.

When there, I was particularly interested in their collection of retro games and games consoles. It ranged from the one of the first-ever games (the classic “tennis”-like game. You know) from popular series like Zelda, Mario and Sonic.

Apart from the nostalgia of playing games I loved as a kid, I couldn’t help but think about how much gaming, and computers, have developed over the years.

The improvements games-wise is mostly the graphics, but as for computers, the programs and the computer’s processing ability itself is forever increasing to fascinating levels.

We are forever finding ways to improve computers to make our lives easier. At first, simple tasks like calculation has since developed into word processing, spreadsheets and slide shows…

I wrote a blog post a while back asking is there anything technology can’t replace, and this has definitely helped to shed some light on the question.

Although technology does have the power to decrease jobs, computers (when the name is taken more literally) is all about information. Storing, collecting and representing information. If anything, people are still needed to analyse that information…

So, to try and get a discussion going… What’s your favourite computer game? Comment below!



6 thoughts on “Thoughts on Computing and Retro Games

  1. ICT? Please explain.

    My favorite games were Myst, Riven and other similar games where you had to solve puzzles to progress from one level to another. Amazing graphics. There was another game I played called “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” where two kids go into a haunted theater, but my character kept getting captured. Grrrr.

    Third Game: Titanic: Adventure out of Time. So much fun “walking” around the Titanic; it was pretty realistic.


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