Sherlock, Books and Costa | A Day Out in London

Yesterday saw me go down to London for the day. I had to go to an interview for a voluntary role, and then when that was done, I thought I would have a look around London whilst we had the opportunity.

So after the interview, I was unsure about whether to go to The National Gallery (which I have been to – and enjoyed – before) or The Sherlock Holmes Museum. Now, I’ve wanted to go to the museum for a while, so I seized the opportunity to go, and it was great!

I was then out of the museum (and finished browsing the gift shop) by about 4:30pm. Thinking that off-peak would begin at 5pm, I went back to the station, grabbing a quick Costa beforehand. This included the usual Hot Chocolate and Belgian Chocolate brownie.

However, with my assumption being wrong (we had to wait until 7pm), I had a couple of hours to spend. At first, I had a browse of the shops, before finding out that the British Library was nearby. But when I visited, sadly, not much was available.

On a separate note, I also did a bit of shopping. At the Sherlock Holmes Museum, I bought a Sherlock figurine, and at St. Pancras’ Foyles shop, I got Stardust by Neil Gaiman – a book I’ve wanted to get for a while now. So that was good!

But it was a great day overall!



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