Weekly Update: Productivity

Hello! So another week is over, and this one has been quite productive!

Firstly, that problem I mentioned in this blog post regarding my Use of Maths coursework has now been sorted. Woohoo! I’ve now got that, and another piece of coursework sorted. So that’s two productive things done this week.

Secondly, I’ve been spending some time working on this new book. I’ve done a variety of things to get ideas flowing. There’s a good process going now. I’ve now created a character matrix, from that came sub-plots and now when they’re done, I can get the final outline sorted! Second productive thing this week!

And lastly, (though I wouldn’t call this “productive” as such) was that I finished the second book in my “book haul” (see this post). You can find my review of Mitch Albom’s The Time Keeper here.

I’m on school holidays now for one week, which should give me time to sort things out and get more school work sorted. It’s good to be productive!

Have a good week!



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