Discussions on Writing Advice: Create a Character Matrix

The first writing tip from the second series, is one of my own. I often struggle with the plotting side of things. This poor planning would then affect my enthusiasm when writing, and eventually I’d give up on the book. So now I’ve found a great way to develop a great plot.

I don’t know whether I am the first to come up with this, but creating a character matrix helps to fill chapters which would otherwise contain something that doesn’t drive the plot.

A character matrix (what I’ve used it for, at least) is to write characters’ names vertically and horizontally, and then match them up. This forms a matrix structure, but at the same time, you get to match up unlikely characters, and in turn, can create unique sub-plots that could work great alongside the main plot.

Then, you can work on each sub-plot, as well as the main plot, and then all the planning should be sorted – yay!

Do you use this method when planning? Or maybe something else? Comment below!

Don’t forget! I’m looking for writing advice for future posts in the series! If you have any, comment them below, or contact me using the Contact tab!



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