Planning or Editing | Which is harder?

When coming up for a title, I excluded the writing stage. Because , I mean, come on, who doesn’t like the writing stage?!

This writing post links with my writing progress at the moment. For those who don’t know, I gave up on my book, and am now starting a new one. What’s happening now is that I am thinking of ideas – lots of them – before I actually start planning…

So a thought then came to me about which part of the writing process would be more difficult.

Planning has the problem of transferring ideas onto an outline and making sure it all flows well, which can be a slow and annoying process…

But yet again, editing can be annoying as it is the “nit-picking stage”, where even the smallest things in the writing are looked at in detail. Another strenuous process.

Maybe that’s it? Writing offers us creative freedom whilst the other two stages advise us to stick to outlines or editing schedules…

At the moment, I’m in a state of uncertainty where I am questioning whether all the ideas I have already will be enough to create an outline, where every chapter is interesting to read (in the past, this hasn’t happened, and a lot of empty chapters appeared and had to be filled in with dull chapters. That may be why I have up!)

So now I’m just taking it slow. I can’t really comment on this question though as I haven’t been through the editing stages yet! But what is your thoughts on the hardest section of a book-writing process? The planning or editing? Maybe even writing?

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2 thoughts on “Planning or Editing | Which is harder?

  1. I love, love the editing stage because you can start to see the actual story coming together. I struggle with the planning – in this case, I only decided upon my ending when I began editing my first few chapters.

    Good luck with your ideas – I’m sure they’ll flow nicely!


    • I agree! I like it because I always like correcting my errors in my book. It makes me feel like the book is better with every mistake I spot! Planning is more a necessity – organising ideas into structures… I’m getting there with planning though! 🙂

      Oh, and while I’m at it, thanks for the mention on your blog about me winning the competition (and for linking!). Sadly I wasn’t notified until I saw recently, but thank you! 😀


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