Book-Buying Factors

When browsing online or in a shop , there’s always a sense of evaluation that we place on a product we are thinking of buying. This happens with books. But, what is it in a book that makes us want to buy it? Is there a key criteria?

In order to get an idea, let’s take a look at all the factors… Here’s my thoughts on what is most important, in order of most important to least…

1. The Cover:
As much as the saying goes, we do judge a book by its cover. The cover, along with the blurb and title, convey to us what the book is about, whilst making the reader curious. Therefore, a good cover helps, and is of paramount importance!

2. The Title:
This is obviously one of the first things we see and evaluate. Text always has the ability to be understood. It is what it is. But the cover itself (with pictures etc.) has the possibility of having multiple interpretations, and can lead to the reader becoming curious and intrigued.

3. The Blurb:
After seeing the intriguing cover, we then want to find out actual details. The blurb is the best way to feed the reader information, whilst increasing the intrigue…

4. A couple of chapters:
So then the actual reading begins. Initially we judge by the first sentence. If that works, we then get “drawn into” the book, and then buy the book itself.

5. The Author:
Should the first few chapters be good, we may take into account who the author is. The two reactions are either to make a mental note that they are a good writer, or that you’ve read some of their works before. The only time where it matters is if the reader has read the author before and not liked the previous books read.

6. The Price:
Of course, the cost of it is important. But I feel as though I no longer care about the price of books as they usually fit around a general range. For example, paperback books are usually around £5.99-£7.99, with hardbacks being around the £12.99 mark. For me, the cost of paperbacks are mostly ignored. But with hardback books being rather expensive, I always check the price of them. This factor varies based on the type of book.

7. The Publisher:
With publishers being on the side of the book, sadly this factor isn’t paid much attention…

Personally, this is my order. But do you beg to differ? Comment below!



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