Weekly Update: My First Convention?

Week 6 out of 52 for 2014 is gone already. My, thinking about it like that makes me realise how small those numbers are, and it won’t be long before this year is behind us again. It’s only February!

This week has been rather exciting and productive. Here’s three things that happened this week:

1. I bought Capital Cities’ debut album, In A Tidal Wave of Mystery
This may not seem exciting, but I had already bought 1/3 of their album already. But after more listening, I’ve come to like the rest of the album, and have since bought the whole album!

Expect a review going up tomorrow!

2. There’s going to be a Sherlock convention!
Regular followers of my blog will know how much of a Sherlock fan I am. After clues were posted on social networking sites, I quickly found out that there’s a convention happening!

I’ve always heard of other conventions, though I’ve never been to any before, so should I go, it’s likely to be awesome!

3. I got working on my new book idea!
So with a whole lot of tips and thoughts, I am slowly start to write this new book. Fingers crossed it’s all done soon!



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