Another Abandoned Book | The Friday Article

After publishing a series of Writing Progress blog posts, blogger Liam O’Dell has given up on his latest writing adventure.

The writer has decided to abandon his book idea after he found it to contain a lot of chance or “deux et machina”.

“I don’t want the readers to feel disappointed if there’s a lot of anticlimax.” he said.

Now the writer has since had a new idea, and has already finished planning it.

“I’m looking forward to it. I have a lot of opportunities for sub-plots, and it’s a new take on the types of stories I write.”



4 thoughts on “Another Abandoned Book | The Friday Article

  1. My goodness Liam, are you kidding me?????!!!! What are you so afraid of? You have so much talent, stop hiding it under a bushel. Rough drafts aren’t perfect, that’s why they are called “rough.” Do not abandon your book, take a short hiatus but keep plugging away eventually and bring those characters to life. I worked on three books at once. Your characters deserve to live and I’d like to see it in print before I am in a walker! Blessings to you my dear friend,


    • I have a new book idea now, but it’s because it lacks action, and I often run out of chapter ideas… Any tips?

      I think it’s just me trying to get better as a writer… My time will come… Hopefully soon!


      • Yeah, hopefully before I’m six feet under. 🙂

        I now have so many ideas for books in my head, I’ll never be able to complete them all but if it’s not intruding to send advice, I’ll do so.

        First care about your characters. If you don’t care about them, no reader will either. Create a notebook and jot down ideas, even the most outrageous. (Why would the character do this? Who would they meet? How would he get out of this predicament?. . . )

        Writing is like a chess game, one must be nine moves ahead of the reader. Let your mind wander like a scriptwriter. I was never bound by structure or formula, I simply let my imagination run. In fact I didn’t know the ending until I was writing it and the ending is the best part of my book.

        Write about what you know or can imagine. What would you say to those characters if you had them over for a dinner? Get some fresh air – it’s good for the thought process, (I get lots of ideas as I walk my little dog) or ideas in the shower (water stimulates the brain) You can do this because completion of the novel usually takes years and you’ll only get better in time! Go for it.


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