A Bather’s Reflection

A Bather’s Reflection

Source: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/inspiration-images-1000-words/

In and out of the water, my feet dips,
The rhythmic waves stroke my fingertips.
The boat bobbing near me, in the middle of the sea,
And the mode of transport I used to gain tranquility.
The mountains beckon my attention in the distance,
But rowing to the paradise requires a lot of persistence.
Instead I choose to bathe, with the sun shining on my face,
The ecstatic sensation, and relaxation, I embrace.
There were people back at the beach, but I was to far away to care.
Concerns didn’t matter – I ignored the water massaging my hair.
Instead matters dwelled down to how and when I breathe,
Making sure I kept it in time with the rhythm of the sea.
This place was paradise, the distant crash of waves a lullaby,
I know that here would be the perfect final place to die.
Then mixed with the fact my face needs to cool,
I let my face sink into the eternal pool.


This post was written in response to this week’s Weekly Writing Challenge, for more information, click the link!


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