Thoughts on 10 Years of Facebook

After starting in 2004, I didn’t hear much about it until many of my 12-year-old friends (if not, younger) were signing onto the site early. As for me, I patiently waited until I was 13 before I could join the site.

At that point, I was in a world of Facebook where it hadn’t developed as far as it was today (with the incorporation of videos, and new layouts). Instead, my introduction onto Facebook consisted of people (admittedly, myself included) trying to get as many friends as possible in their social circle, and humorous pages desperate to get our likes.

Over the years, my personal use of Facebook, as well as the site itself, has changed. My use now consists of chatting to friends, maintaining my blog’s Facebook page, and an ongoing “poke battle”.

I also remember the many changes that have come to Facebook, with concerns and confusion. I remember me being one of those people who hated Timeline when it was first announced, but now the change is compulsory, it has since become a “norm” in the social networking world.

Despite what articles say about Facebook users decreasing, or people migrating to other social networking sites, I think there is something different to other sites that makes Facebook unique.

Happy Birthday, Facebook.


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