The Difference between Deadlines and Rushing

Those who saw the posts yesterday will know that I tried to write two whole chapters to take me to Chapter 11. The basis of doing that would be that I could do the same for February and March and I could be finished by the 31st of March (my birthday – which would be cool!)

But what I’ve come to realise is that, as the title suggests, there is a difference between deadlines and rushing. Yesterday saw me finish Chapter Nine (at least) with an element of satisfaction, and content knowing that I had the creative juices flowing and wasn’t forcing myself to write.

So with Chapter Nine done, I began to write Chapter Ten. The only problem is, is that I felt a writing sensation that I only felt when writing Chapter One. I was faced with the fear of a blank page, and not knowing how to start…

Inevitably, this meant that my brief burst of creativity for the night had run short of my two chapter goal I had set myself. Instead, I had “writer’s block”, at a time when I didn’t necessarily want it.

However, the reason for my deadline failure has to be applied to a variety of different factors, both on the writing side, and “setting deadlines” side. The deadline itself was set on Friday (or Thursday evening latest), and already that poses the problem of time frame. For when it comes to writing, there needs to be a large space of time to get two chapters done, not to mention that the deadline itself was set a bit too short notice…

Now, the difference itself, between deadlines and rushing… Deadlines themselves, in terms of the writing world, should be used to motivate, rather than rush or force the book to reach an early completion. Rushing is when I take the deadline too seriously, and don’t seize the motivation I receive, but every minuscule of time I have left until that deadline. That leads to rushing, and is similar to that of NaNoWriMo (which, for fun, is perfect. But not when writing professionally).

So, a question, do you set writing deadlines? How obedient are you with them? Comment below!



4 thoughts on “The Difference between Deadlines and Rushing

  1. I try to set writing deadlines, but I rarely meet them. I mean, I had set a deadline of finishing my re-write of a book I’m working on by the end of Christmas break, and of course I failed that miserably. But then again, I did manage to get it halfway done, which was spurred on by my attempt to meet the deadline … so I guess deadlines are pretty great for motivation so long as you don’t beat yourself up if you fail 🙂


  2. Professional wise, I’ve have them set for me by clients so I have to get them done. However, there is a degree of realism on my part, so if someone said ‘write me 30,00 words by tomorrow’, I’d have to say no! When writing my own things – I have structures, especially for blogging and I am pretty obedient with them because I know my search engine rankings and audience depends on me sticking to them. Book on the other hand, I want to get it done so I have to write, and write often. It’s all about self discipline but not over doing it and welcoming creativity block.


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