Thoughts on Computing and Retro Games

As part of my A-Level ICT, we need to design a fanzine/website. To help us with this, yesterday we went to the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge.

When there, I was particularly interested in their collection of retro games and games consoles. It ranged from the one of the first-ever games (the classic “tennis”-like game. You know) from popular series like Zelda, Mario and Sonic.

Apart from the nostalgia of playing games I loved as a kid, I couldn’t help but think about how much gaming, and computers, have developed over the years.

The improvements games-wise is mostly the graphics, but as for computers, the programs and the computer’s processing ability itself is forever increasing to fascinating levels.

We are forever finding ways to improve computers to make our lives easier. At first, simple tasks like calculation has since developed into word processing, spreadsheets and slide shows…

I wrote a blog post a while back asking is there anything technology can’t replace, and this has definitely helped to shed some light on the question.

Although technology does have the power to decrease jobs, computers (when the name is taken more literally) is all about information. Storing, collecting and representing information. If anything, people are still needed to analyse that information…

So, to try and get a discussion going… What’s your favourite computer game? Comment below!



Musical Discovery: ‘Let Go For Tonight’ by Foxes

I know Musical Discovery posts are every Momday, but I couldn’t ignore this amazing track from Foxes.

Yes, Foxes, famous for her collaboration with Zedd on the track, Clarity, and for her single, Youth, has released a new song. It’s already climbing up the charts, and is called Let Go For Tonight.

Like all previous singles from the musician, this song has a catchy feel to it. Its passionate chorus, with powerful drum beats and vocals, create a feel-good vibe. But then, the smooth, laid-back feel of the verses create a slow and relaxing feel. A great combination, and a great new track by Foxes!

The song is now available to buy on iTunes.


Electronic Evolution: How the Dance Genre has Changed…

When reviewing Tiësto’s new single, Red Lights for Monday’s blog post, I couldn’t help but realise that electronic music is starting to evolve and shape as a genre.

The track itself features acoustic verses before descending into a funky chorus. But this is also being demonstrated by Avicii’s recent single releases (focussing on country vibes), as well as Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne’s track, Rather Be – containing elements of classical music. So, can it be said that electronic music is taking a new direction?

If anything, electronic music is a competitive music genre/industry. True, other music genres are competitive too, but less so (for example, pop). With electronic music, there needs to be an intriguing build-up to the perfect melody of the chorus. Therefore, maybe the addition of a second genre to the track helps to make it unique as a song…

Personally, I think it’s a great addition and turn for the genre. But what do you think? Comment below!


Coldplay release music video for new track, ‘Midnight’ | The Tuesday Article

Coldplay have today posted on Facebook and Twitter the video for their new track, entitled, Midnight.

With the video being in negatives, as well as the song itself only having a small amount of drums and more synthesised under-layers, the track sees the band take a new musical direction.

Chris Martin’s vocals have had a harmonic effect added to them which implies that this song is a more relaxed and calm track when compared to previous singles such as Paradise.

The song itself is yet to be released as a single, and it is uncertain whether or not this will feature in Coldplay’s eagerly anticipated new album.

The video was directed by Mary Wigmore and is available to watch here.


Review: ‘The Shock of the Fall’ by Nathan Filer

The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer was a Costa Book Awards 2013 winner. The book itself details the life of Matthew Homes, and his life with schizophrenia and grief.

When reading the first-person narrative of Matthew’s character, I could see why Nathan Filer said he took inspiration from Mark Haddon’s character, Christopher Boone, from The Curious of the Dog in the Night Time. Within minutes of reading, the mental aspect of Matthew’s life, as well as his story, begins to unfold in an intriguing and interesting fashion.

Throughout the story, we see different parts of Matthew’s illness, all handled sensitively by the author. Furthermore, Nathan Filer’s experience as a mental health nurse has certainly helped him to deliver an accurate story about Matthew’s life with schizophrenia.

I anticipate Nathan Filer’s next book.


Book Progress: Starting Up Again…

So regular followers (hello new followers by the way!) will know I sadly gave up on writing my previous book. Now I’m starting a new one, and have just finished the first chapter!

I’m feeling very confident this time, with extensive planning making me feel this book will go well. I have no deadlines set for this, but it would be nice to get a book done by the end if this year (I made a resolution to finish a book this year!)

OK, so here’s the Stats!

Chapter Word Count: 3,109
Total Word Count: 3,109
Chapter Page Count: 6
Total Page Count: 6
Completed Chapters: 1/30
Percentage Completion: 3%


Musical Discovery: ‘Red Lights’ by Tiësto

Tiësto’s new track has definitely set itself apart in the electronic genre when it was released yesterday.

Combining funky guitar riffs alongside a great party melody for the chorus, this single definitely deserves the UK airplay that it received before it’s recent release.

I in fact heard this song on the radio last week and remembered hearing it in the past. Overall, the track has a great catchy tune with the ability to make you feel good!

The track is now available to buy on iTunes.