Liam sets new deadline | The Friday Article

Blogger Liam O’Dell, owner of The Life of a Thinker, has revealed a new deadline when it comes to working on his new WIP.

The writer and musician has currently completed 8 chapters out of 30, but has set a deadline for himself to complete his WIP quicker.

Liam hopes to complete Chapter 9 and 10 tonight, so that he could finish by the end of March at the latest.

“If I do the same levels of writing for February and March, then I could get the novel completed by the end of March. If not, sooner.” said the blogger.

He added: “What I hope is that by placing myself a deadline, I make myself more determined, rather than rushing my work.”

“Since I will be writing for a majority of this evening, I will post up a Writing Progress post should I be successful in completing my deadline.”

Liam has until midnight tonight to complete the two chapters and reach the deadline he has set.



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