The 1.5:20 Year Ratio

So I read an article earlier today about blogging turning 20 this year! Now, obviously I’m new to blogging so I can’t provide much thought on most of the 20 years. Instead, I can do 1/2 years (ish) of that. Hence the title.

When I started in August 2012, I entered the blogosphere. Originally, a presumption I made was that it was an informal medium to communicate. But I later come to realise that blogging has since spanned out into a variety of different fields. Including more formal reasons, like blogging professionally.

I also thought that the communication between others would be minimal. But I have since become part of a small interconnected blogging community!

Hopefully over the years to come, I can provide a more detailed opinion!

What are your feelings on blogging? Comment below!


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