T.G.I. Thursday: An Opportunistic Day

You may remember a while back that I was unsure whether to do Journalism and PR at university, or a just Journalism degree, thankfully, today definitely helped me to answer this question.

My school held a careers fair today. Two organisations sounded interesting and were at the fair, and I spoke to them.

One was the local radio station. This interested me because I host my own radio show at school, love music, and wouldn’t mind going into radio hosting/radio journalism.

They recommended an apprenticeship scheme, which sounded very interesting!

Lastly, the second was a local PR agency. I asked the representative about Journalism and PR. In particular, whether just a Journalism degree get you into PR, and it does!

Therefore, I left the careers fair with a lot of useful tips and info, and with the idea that I want to do an NCTJ approved course at university! Woohoo!



6 thoughts on “T.G.I. Thursday: An Opportunistic Day

  1. That’s great! Good luck for all of your future plans — grab the opportunities there for you and make the most of them 🙂 I’m sure you’ll go far!

    Thank you for sending me your blog link on Twitter 🙂

    Jo xx


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